5x beach houses in the Netherlands: sleeping right on the beach!

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With these 5x beach houses in the Netherlands, the term ‘sea view’ gets a whole new meaning. Because you will be sleeping – right on the beach!

The sound of flowing water. Falling asleep to the crashing of the waves and waking up to the soft sounds of the wind across the sea. Slipping into your swim attire, or nothing at all, to run for a dip in the sea first thing in the morning. Just you, sun, sea and sand.

beach houses in the Netherlands
beach houses in the netherlands

Images by Haagse Strandhuisjes

Haagse Strandhuisjes
The Hague

Situated on the beach, backed by dunes and fronted by the Dutch sea. With a wide lifted veranda, plenty of space inside, and separate sleeping rooms, these beach houses are perfect for a family getaway (4 to 5 people).

The ‘Haagse Strandhuisjes’ is an initiative by the foundation ‘Living with the Sea’ – creating an opportunity to enjoy the beach while at the same time, taking care of the environment. The beach houses are built from sustainable materials, using green energy, and the founders work with and support local organizations to protect the beach.

Strandhuisjes Nieuwvliet

One more winner in beautiful Zeeland are the beach houses Nieuwvliet. Unique designs, long windows, and sleeping up high on the second level, make this a more luxurious experience. The only beach house with 2 terraces, so you will have a sunny spot from day to night. The offer grocery packages in addition to the whole experience.

beach houses in the netherlands

Image by Strandhuisjes Nieuwvliet

beach houses in the netherlands

Image by Ajuma Beach

Ajuma Beach Houses

Next to Ajuma restaurant, an Asian fusion beach restaurant, lie three unique cabins, the Ajuma beach houses. Every house has its own look and feel, from ‘basic chic (a mix of wood and concrete, grey, black and white) to ‘balance’ (eastern vibes with dark floors and gold elements) and ‘blush’ (light and soft interior).

Beach House 4/5

Part of the Largo selection, Beach House 4/5 is located on the Nollestrand near Vlissingen. A sun-flooded living room with soft colors, a sleeping loft, and an electric fire keeps you warm at night.

beach houses in the netherlands

Images by Largo

Images by Panoramahuisjes

Panoramahuisjes Nieuwvliet

As the name reveals, long glass windows make sure you get the best view – day and night. Right on one of the cleanest beaches of the Netherlands, Groede beach, lie the ‘Panorama houses’ surrounded by sand, sea, and dunes.

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