6 picturesque beaches on the Amalfi Coast

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Spending the day at the beaches on the Amalfi Coast in Italy often is more of a cultural event than simply sunbathing. Italians are quick to turn any undiscovered gem into a well-visited spot, grazed with brightly-colored umbrellas and matching sunbeds. Renting these for at least one day is part of the experience, but there is always a small ‘public’ spot where you can just drop down on your towel to enjoy the azure sea and sun-worshippers in tight speedos. Surrounded by colorful houses, steeps cliffs and seafood restaurants, some of Italy’s most beautiful bays and beaches can be found along the Amalfi Coast. Here are some of our favorites.

Fiordo di Furore

One of Italy’s only fjords, Furore Beach, can be reached by sea or the steep stairways from the road leading down to the sea. The azure-blue cove is one of the most beautiful and often photographed sights at the Amalfi Coast. An old fishing hamlet surrounded by colorful houses and just a couple of sunbeds. The beach is sunlit for only a few hours during the afternoon.

beaches on the amalfi coast
Fornillo beach positano

Fornillo beach, Positano

If you are looking for a quieter beach than the main beach of Marina Grande in Positano, Fornillo beach would be your go-to. Although during summer months, even Fornillo can get rather busy. Arrive early and walk until the end of the beach where the public area without sunbeds (sunbeds with umbrella are at 25€ for the day) is located to take a morning swim together with the Positano locals.

Fornillo bay, Positano

Officially also part of Fornillo beach, this small bay lies just before the official larger beach. You will find sunbeds with a bit more privacy.

beaches on the amalfi coast
La Gavitella beach amalfi beaches

La Gavitella beach, Praiano

One of the two main beaches in Praiano. La Gavitella is a smaller beach and mostly made of pebbles. The main area of the beach is covered with the colorful orange sunbeds of beach club ‘Lido One Fire’. There is a small area to sit on the cliffs beside the sunbeds. On your way back up, make sure to stop by Café Mirante for sunset drinks! A laid-back bar with beautiful views and even better cocktails.

La Gavitella beach amalfi beaches

Marina di Praia, Praiano

Or simply referred to as ‘La Praia’ is another beach in the quieter town of Praiano. Unlike most other beaches, you can actually drive down and park your scooter at the bottom (cars will be more difficult like anywhere else on the Amalfi Coast). You will arrive at a small seaside village with a couple of restaurants, painted fishing boats and of course colorful sunbeds on this small cove.

Atrani beach, Atrani

Atrani is a coastal fishing village, which is not on top of most tourist itineraries, which makes it exactly why you want to go. The sandy beach curves around the small bay with the town as a beautiful backdrop. It is easily reachable by foot or even by car since there is paid parking just behind the beach.


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