Cabiner: A cabin in the woods in the Netherlands

by | 23 04 2020 | Hotels, Netherlands, Travel

These days, we increasingly find ourselves longing for two things: nature & simplicity.

Longing to leave the hectic city life behind for a couple of days, to go off the grid. In Drenthe, one of our favorite rural regions in the Netherlands, you can do exactly that while staying at a cabin in the woods with Cabiner

Into the wild – the experience

For 4 days we hiked from cabin to cabin in the middle of National Park Drentsche Aa. All cabins are only reachable by foot, and while the length of the walks varies, they all lead through the forest passing by lakes, streams, heaths, and fields of flowers.

Life out here is beautifully simple. Each day we ended in another cozy cabin, unplugged, without Wi-Fi or electricity. We pumped water from the ground and a cozy fireplace warmed up the room and offered hot water to cook and shower. A minimalistic and slow lifestyle, that makes you work for your comfort in the old ways, bringing you closer to the elements while being surrounded by nature.

There was time to listen to the sound of the leaves, the birds, and the wind. There was time to watch the stars, unpolluted by city lights. Time to read, write, talk, or just sit in silence. The time to enjoy the satisfaction and fatigue of a day spent out in the fresh air. A gentle reminder of the power of simplicity.

“There was time to listen to the sounds of the leaves, the birds, and the wind. Time to watch the stars, to read, write, talk, or simply sit in silence.”


The cabins

Cabiner is the closest thing you will find to staying in the wild in the Netherlands!

The self-sustaining cabins, by Wikkelhouse, have a lifetime of up to 50 years and blend in with the environment perfectly. The interior is minimal, matching a minimal lifestyle with a board game or a guest book inviting to write and draw. They offer different programs such as ‘Cabiner Trekking’ or ‘Cabiner Unplugged’, varying in length and difficulty.

cabiner drenthe

A conscious approach

Cabiner was established with the idea in mind, to have people experience the power of adventure while being surrounded by nature. The cabins are entirely self-sustaining and are moved every 5 years to minimize the impact on nature. For every overnight stay, these guys plant a tree in the area. Next to supporting (local) nature conservation, Cabiner works with local businesses.

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