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by | 6 11 2020 | Travel

camping american west

17 days of camping during Covid

While we spent most of 2020 huddled in our home, we dreamed of places we could be. I, someone who is always on the move or planning where I am going next, spent most of my shelter in place planning for a trip. Summer was here and staying at home in our tiny Brooklyn apartment didn’t seem right. We set out for a 17-day adventure with almost no interaction with humans. We camped in the American West.

For us, our biggest concern was staying away from people. We dispersed camped in some amazing spots that only a 4WD vehicle could get you to, which allowed the seclusion we were searching for. We knew that dispersed camping involved bathing in creeks, and using the woods as a bathroom with a view, but it sets in this carefree feeling after a while. Our days seemed to have gone by quickly with hiking the nearby mountains and exploring our surroundings. The nights felt to be longer as the silence in the woods made it feel like every creature was just outside of our thin nylon tent. With no real plan on where to go next besides what we have read online, we took each day as is and drove to where we felt we wanted to go next. The forest roads quickly became home, each spot a new view.

Being alone in the woods and enjoying nature, disconnecting from our social lives, and taking time to travel slowly, has allowed me to relax and appreciate the smaller things again.

Some noteworthy stays:

Twin Lakes, CO – 39.0994428, -106.3674057

A small town nestled between ice two lakes. This small town had the charm of an old western. Surrounded by ghost towns from the mining days and now a great location to rent kayaks and canoes. A General Store in the center that takes you back in time has everything for all your needs. Local hikes in this area take you to some of Colorados largest peaks.

Shadow Mountain, WY43.7026164, -110.5912817

Home with a view. A good understanding of off-road driving is needed but we called this beautiful place home for 5 nights. Somewhere that allowed us to hike and relax in the chilled lakes of the Grand Teton National Park.  Every night the Grand Tetons whispered goodnight to us from the backdrop.

Lincoln Creed, CO – 39.1142576, -106.6871277

Several campsites for vehicles that can go off-road, nestled along a creek. Here we slept to the sounds of the crisp creek cascading from the mountains. Not far down the road, we took our paddleboard down a protected portion of the creek where we watched the wildlife come out to cool off.

northern argentina
northern argentina
northern argentina

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