Chowa – The Japanese concept of inner balance and harmony

by | 29 04 2021 | Balance, Slow living

Pursuing balance in different areas of life is a forever-changing goal for many. It can mean something else for everyone whether connected to work, relationships, health, etc.

 The Japanese philosophy of Chowa offers a fresh perspective on finding balance among the various directions of modern life. The concept of Chowa is often translated as ‘harmony’, yet more specifically means ‘the search for balance’. It is both a philosophy and a set of practices that can support us to see what is most important to us, while at the same time change our way of thinking – about ourselves and others. Chowa is about balancing priorities and relationships and finding inner strength and flexibility in times of change and difficulty.

The Power of Chowa by Akemi Tanaka

The Power of Chowa written by Akemi Tanaka teaches us how to apply the lessons of Chowa to our own lives, to create focus on what really matters and cultivate an everyday state of equilibrium and calm. It can enable us to look at our lives from a genuinely fresh perspective, shining a light on coping and problem-solving techniques by focusing less on a desired harmonious result, and more on how to complement and balance the opposing forces life so often throws at us.

The Power of Chowa is an inspiring guide, illustrated with beautiful artwork.

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