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by | 5 12 2020 | Workshops

The art of pottery has had a little revival in the last couple of years. For more and more people ceramics classes have become a way to help with stress, a therapeutic and relaxing activity. If meditation is not your thing, try working with clay. Hands-on arts as a new, well actually old, way of self-care and being in the now. Clay requires your presence; your creation requires your presence. The subtle movement which needs attention and precision can have a big influence. You are making something with your hand, creating your very personal artwork. You are taking action, empowering yourself. If working at the wheel or hand molding clay, there are many studios that offer ceramic workshops in Amsterdam (and the rest of the world), the use of their studio, and even online classes to follow.

ceramics classes amsterdam

Image courtesy of Elizabeth Suzann

Atelier Patty Schilder, Amsterdam Jordaan

In her lovely studio in the middle of Amsterdam, Patty offers continuous ceramics classes for every skill level. The focus is on hand modeling and building. Classes are on Monday or Tuesday night and you can start any week, provided that there is space.

Atelier Tetterode, Amsterdam Oud-West

Enjoy the soothing qualities of clay in a weekly evening class at Henriette’s studio in Amsterdam Oud-West. You can do both, modeling or working on the wheel (if you know how to). If you are new to the wheel, you can take private classes to get started. Henriette also offers workshops for kids.

Art Ceramics Studio, Amsterdam West

Gillian Smith offers different kinds of courses and occasional special painting workshops. You can join a ceramic class every Monday or Tuesday evening, but there might be a waiting list.

Studio Pansa, Amsterdam East

Studio Pansa is an open access clay and ceramics workspace. They provide all the professional facilities needed for members to work freely with clay, ceramics, sculpture and pottery in a spacious and comfortable studio space. You become part of the community! They also host a variety of classes and courses.

Clay Classes at Home, online

Mother and daughter duo Mieke and Charlie created a full course to take you through the fundamentals of hand-building, starting with the very basics and graduating to more complex techniques with each tutorial. You can simply have clay delivered to your doorstep, no better time than now.

Domestika ceramics classes, online

Domestika offers a wide range of ceramic online classes, such as ceramics for beginners, glazing, modeling and decoration, ceramic jewelry, etc.

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