Estancia El Bordo de las Lanzas

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Flanked by fields of sugar cane and chia lies one of the oldest estates in the country: Estancia El Bordo de las Lanzas.

The scent of leather, the strong morning matcha (or all day matcha), the mighty Asados and the rough jokes of Juan and the guys…El Bordo gives you an authentic peak of the day-to-day life of rural Argentina.

Gaucho at Estancia
Gaucho at Estancia El Bordo

The essence of culture

In Argentina, estancias shelter the past and the present of both, the gauchos and the immigrants. Holding on to traditions, estancias are closely linked to the history and essence of Argentinian culture, with the gauchos at its center. The gaucho is a legendary and honorary figure in Argentina: The South American equivalent of the cowboy. Herders, farmers and the gatekeepers of history and tradition. The quintessential country man, the men of freedom living their lives by the saddle.

The Estancia

El Bordo de las Lanzas is a working estancia about an hour drive from Salta, a unique family home giving a peek into its captivating past. Once built for the sister of the local hero and gaucho legend General Güemes, the house has been carefully restored while keeping the unique character, charm, and authenticity. Staying here feels like being transported back into the 19th century. A pure experience joining the gauchos in their daily farm work, while staying at the family home filled with antiques, glimmering silverware, high wooden ceilings, crisp white linens, and beautiful gardens. The vast estate is also home to about 30 Peruano Argentino de Paso horses who let you ride alongside the gauchos. A pure experience with the Arias friends and family. Joining Juan and the guys in their daily farm work, preparing Asados (Argentinian BBQ) in the forest, making fresh empanadas with Sofia & Rosa by the outside stone oven or listening to Augostino, the host, telling anecdotes of the history of the estate during an intimate dinner in the courtyard. Staying here is like spending time with your long-lost Argentinian family.


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