Feeling down? 5 easy tips to implement right now!

by | 22 07 2020 | Balance, Slow living

Our physical health has been at the forefront for centuries, yet the importance of mental health has been increasingly recognized as equally vital in recent times.

While feeling down now and then is entirely normal, there are many ways to keep your mind in balance during these moments. Here are 5 tips you can implement right now!

feeling down 5 tips

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Believe in your best self

Don Miguel Ruiz, author of the book ‘The Mastery of Love’ points out, that we have the power to create. Our power is so strong that whatever we believe comes true. We create ourselves, by whatever we believe we are. ‘You are the way you are because that is what you believe about yourself.’ Now visualize your best self. If you are not holding back because of fears, insecurities, money, etc. – what would you do? Who would you be? How do you want to treat others? And for others to treat you? How do you want to react to certain situations? Believe and visualize that you can and will be all those things you imagine yourself to be. This will help you to actually become that person in real life.

Practice self-discipline

How much better do you feel after you have had an efficient day instead of a day full of procrastinating? If you finished your to-do list or went for that run, you planned the night before? Look for small ways to practice self-discipline, by setting achievable goals and enjoy the satisfaction afterward. Over time this will increase your self-discipline in all areas of life.


Take time to meditate, not only when you are feeling down. Meditation gives you tranquility and strengths in (almost) every part of life, but especially when dealing with negative thoughts and emotions. Stepping out of your train of thoughts for only a couple of minutes a day will give you more control over your mind and thoughts. The meditation-app ‘Calm’ offers guided meditations, based on moods, emotions, and more.

Create a daily, positive routine

A daily routine can have a very positive influence on our physical and mental well-being. It offers a feeling of certainty and security, elicits self-disciplined, and supports positivity. A positive morning routine sets the tone for the day. Try to do things that make you feel good, meditate, have a healthy breakfast, work-out…

Move (in nature)

Go for a walk or work-out. Endorphins are released during exercise (among others like eating and sex). They help to reduce pain and boost pleasure, which supports your general well-being. Additionally, nature has a calming effect on body and mind.

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