A luxury ryokan experience with modern comforts, FUFU Kyoto

by | 29 06 2023 | Hotels, Travel

FUFU Kyoto is a new luxury ryokan that embodies the beauty of Kyoto’s ancient culture while providing the comforts of modern technology. Set at the foot of Higashiyama, near the Nanzenji Temple, this boutique property manages a unique combination and luxurious Japanese experience. The 40 rooms have a warm feeling, with lots of natural materials like washi paper and Sakura wood, fresh flowers, and local artisan pieces that meet modern speakers and tablets for touchless communication. Each room has a private Onsen, which is unique for Kyoto, in a cypress-crafted tub. The restaurant offers a special Kaiseki breakfast and dinner experience with fresh local Kyoto vegetables and seasonal charcoal-grilled dishes.

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The Breakdown

Location: Located at the foot of Higashiyama, near the Nanzenji Temple, facing Lake Biwa Canal

Rooms: 40 rooms with a warm feeling, natural materials like washi paper and Sakura woods are used, local artisan pieces meet modern technologies, each room has a private Onsen which is unique for Kyoto

Rates: From 300€ per night and up

Highlights: There is a special drawer in each room, which can be accessed from inside and outside the room. All amenities and concierge services, from fresh towels, extra pillows to diapers can be ordered via the in-room tablet and will be delivered to the drawer in your room within 10 minutes. Japanese discretion and service at its best. 

The feel: A ryokan-style experience while offering modern hotel-like amenities that will give you a truly Japanese experience with all the comforts you wish for

Not to be missed: All rooms are equipped with a private Onsen, a cypress bath filled with natural hot spring water!

Fufu Kyoto
Fufu Kyoto
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