Stay at a traditional townhouse in the Japanese Alps, Iori Stay Setogawa, Japan

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Iori Setogawa

From the outside, nothing gives away that there is a traveler’s home behind these walls. The Iori Setogawa fits perfectly among the charming, traditional townhouses. A warm, Japanese aesthetic that continues inside. The 100 years old, newly renovated townhouse is located in the heart of the castle town Hida Furukawa, in the center of Setogawa River and Shirakabe Dozo Street. With usually little tourism in a quiet town, but being right in the center, staying at this Iori property gives you the experience of being part of the local community. Visit the flower shop on the corner, stroll through the temple gardens, or feed the carp (when allowed in the right season) swimming in the stream right at your doorstep.

Iori Setogawa is a luxury antique house with three bedrooms, a small kitchenette, a wood stove in the living room for colder evenings, a Hida cypress heated bathtub as well as an open-air bath space. The entire house has been carefully restored with natural materials and traditional Hida craftsmanship.

Iori Stay has 13 other properties, all traditional Japanese-style townhouses with both modern and traditional design features. They are committed to creating a homey and authentic stay for travelers while preserving these beautiful traditional townhouses, often left empty. The other properties are Iori Ichinomachi, Iori Kawanaka, and Iori 0510

Iori Stays
The Breakdown

Location: Located in the center of Setogawa River and Shirakabe Dozo Street, in the beautiful yet quiet castle town of Hida Furukawa – a 20-minute drive from Takayama in the Japanese Alps

Rooms: A private traditional townhouse with two bedrooms, Iori Stays have 4 traditional and newly renovated townhouses in the area.  

Rates: From 400€, sleeps up to 7 people with a mix of western-style and futon beds, rate includes breakfast

Highlights: Breakfast is freshly prepared with local ingredients and delivered to your doorstep every morning by a local chef. You can choose between Japanese and Western-style breakfast. 

The feel: Authentic, traditional townhouse with modern features, homey and comfortable vibes with private wellness

Not to be missed: Located right in the middle of the most beautiful street in the town, you should take your time to stroll around, discovering the small shops, different gardens, and local restaurants. Immerse in the community!

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