The Ritz-Carlton, Nikko, Japan

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Set in a serene lakefront setting, The Ritz-Carlton Nikko is hidden in Japan’s northern Kanto region along the scenic Lake Chuzenji with spectacular views of Mount Nantai. A culture-rich nature retreat about 2.5 hours north of Tokyo, with a one-of-a-kind location inside the Nikko National Park. Known for its natural sights you can see everything from Kegon Falls to Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines.

The activities list is impressive, from hiking to ice climbing, fishing, skiing, or boating – all in The Ritz-Carlton Nikko backyard, to wood carving workshops, fire ceremonies at nearby Chuzenji Temple, or morning Zazen meditation led by a monk in the lounge for a more mindful experience – everything is possible.

The design combines ancient history and craft with modern design. Contemporary, yet featuring traditional Japanese elements such as engawas (porches), onsen facilities, yukata robes, and more.

The spa offers holistic treatments with natural and local ingredients and local spring water incorporated into everything. Natural beauty through a luxury lens. The spa also has a sauna and indoor and outdoor natural mineral baths. The hydrogen sulfide spring water is said to be good for joint and nerve pain as well as general fatigue and acts as a natural moisturizer for the skin.

There are two different restaurants, the Japanese Restaurant and a Western style restaurant, the Lakehouse. If you want a Japanese experience, head to the Japanese restaurant for a kaiseki or teppanyaki multi-course menu. From soy sauce to Wagyu beef, the kitchen aims to elevate fresh, locally-sourced Tochigi ingredients by incorporating regional flavors into Japanese dishes.

A place where luxury, natural beauty, tradition, and spirituality meet, creating a pristine haven in a serene setting.

Ritz-Carlton Nikko
The Breakdown

Location: About 2.5 hours north of Tokyo in Japan’s Kanot region, set along the scenic Lake Chuzenji in Nikko’s Oku-Nikko region, offering views of Mount Nantai

Rooms: 94 guest rooms and suites with a sweeping view over the lake and/or the mountains, the design draws upon the local Kamuma-Kumiko style, a Japanese art involving cypress wood carved and placed using pressure instead of nails

Rates: From 750€, breakfast included

Highlights: The Japanese restaurant offers a kaiseki or teppanyaki multi-course menu, carefully crafted from fresh, locally sourced Tochigi ingredients

The feel: A subtle feel of elegant luxury, with natural material and warm colors, a tranquil hot spring resort immersed in nature

Not to be missed: The extensive list of Japanese whiskey at the bar and personal recommendations by the knowledgeable bar tender

Fufu Kyoto
Fufu Kyoto
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