A design-led, mindful retreat at the Indian Ocean: Sussurro, Mozambique

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Sun, sea, seclusion and sustainability.

Sussurro means mindful luxury. A more meaningful travel experience and a space to align you with nature. The stylish base is located on the secluded peninsula known as Nhamabue in southern Mozambique. A conscious narrative in African travel, focusing on giving back. Lodgings are built using only locally sourced materials and powered by renewable energy. Rooms are dressed in furniture created and carved onsite and thoughtfully collected artisanal pieces from sub-Saharan Africa. Guests can support local community, conservation and reforestation programs.

sussurro mozambique
Interview The Kip Sri Lanka owners
Seddy The Kip

“We are working hard to create an altogether unique travel experience, inspired by, and achieved with local artisans. Adam and my own life passions and skills combined are manifesting an exceptional space along this awe-inspiring East African coastline. One that is rooted in conservation and authentic sustainability and blossoming into an artisanal design-led destination. A truly new narrative in African travel.”, as explained by Sussurro co-founder Sarah.

The breakdown

Location: The Indian Ocean retreat in peaceful Southern Mozambique, located on the secluded peninsula of Nhamabue, on the shore of a turquoise lagoon.

Rooms: 6 aesthetically soothing bungalows which each span 92sqm, built using only locally sourced materials. Each suite including indoor and outdoor bathing facilities and generous waterfront verandahs.

Rates: From €500+, minimum stay of two nights

Highlights: Sussurro was built honoring traditional rural architecture and tradition. They offer opportunities to support the local community, conservation and reforestation programs for more meaningful travel.

The feel: Aesthetically soothing with natural light and natural materials. A heartfelt focus on meaningful experiences and reconnection with nature packed into mindful luxury.

Not to be missed: Intimate bush experiences into the Mozambican National Parks of Gorongosa and Zinave or setting sail on one of Sussurro’s traditional lateen-rigged Mozambican dhows.

the kip

Images by Sussurro

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